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Thang-ka paintings



The series of Thang-ka paintings that I have here are the result of collaboration with my father who is also my first art teacher.


Traditonal Tibetan scroll paintings popularly known as Thang-kas are painted by interpreting Tibetan scrolls and scriptures to get accurate details and dimensions and are drawn geometrically. Thankgas are popularly used in the West as a visual aid  for meditation. In a typical Tibetan household, a Thang-ka is commissioned two or three times on average by a Tibetan in his or her life. Thang-kas are commissioned when there is a birth in the family by consulting the cosmic charts and the newborn’s horoscope. If there’s an illness in the family, a medicine Buddha Thang-ka might be commissioned to regain good health. Eventually when someone passes away, a Thang-ka is painted for the deceased so that he or she can find a clearer path in the afterlife guided by the guardian angels depicted in the Thang-ka.


Traditonal Thang-ka painting requires devotion and dedication to the craft and the colors that are used in the paintings are typically ground stone colors. Since Thang-ka (Tibetan fine arts) is a vanishing form of art, my goal is to preserve and educate viewers about this ancient traditional form of art. I will be adding new work and new Thang-kas periodically with detailed descriptions in future.

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