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Born in a small hill station in Darjeeling, India, Lobsang Tseten took the paint and brush at the age of 13. He comes from a long lineage of artists who have been involved in the art craft for generations. He is a fourth generation artist. Under the guidance of his father, Lobsang learned traditional Tibetan fine arts (Thang-ka-drawn geometrically by interpreting holy scripts in pure Tibetan rare ground stone colors). He has worked in decorating many monasteries throughout Nepal. Some of his works can be viewed on the walls of Shar Bhakhang monastery, Shelkar Choetsoey monastery, Phen-gey- Ling monastery, Kopan monastery. His paintings depict mythical gods and goddesses and various symbolic objects in the traditional Tibetan method.
Lobsang also worked as a carpet designer and started creating designs for Khumbu Carpet Industry in Kathmandu, Nepal where he achieved numerous milestones in designing carpets due to his creativity. His designs brought tremendous success to the company and were even featured in the catalogue magazine of Ludwig Wissenbach (ICT Company) in Germany.
Lobsang recently attained BFA from Alberta College of Fine Arts+ Design (ACAD) with distinction. He incorporates traditional Tibetan methods, symbols and colors on contemporary subject matter in his work. The core concept of his practice deals with human rights violations. He intends to engage the viewers and make them aware of the political discord, particularly with regard to the recent strife in Tibet. Through his work Lobsang aims to highlight the issues of basic human rights and spread the message of hope, peace and compassion.
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